August 19, 2018

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 461 Clow International Airport

Hi again. This article will take a look at the opportunities we have for this year. Many of our chapter activities are the same year end and year out; Cavalcade, Young Eagles, AirVenture, to name a few. We always look forward to this activities and enjoy participating in them. The challenge, is to make each year better. The chapter is planning to add more and diverse activities this year to appeal to as many of our members as possible.

Like many of us, I’m a member of several different organizations. Each of these require an annual financial commitment of a few dollars to kind of grease the operational wheels of the organization. Many ask the question, “Well, what do I get for my money?” ¬†Personally, I think that’s a rather short-sighted question. Yea, we get a magazine each month, access to some services. But, our focus must be more of look outward than inward. We live in a very “me-me-me” oriented society. We cant fall prey to that as an organization. To paraphrase a former President, “Ask not what the EAA can do for you, ask what you can do for EAA.” Now that may sound corny for some of you, kind of does to me too, but, its that type of external focus that will take this chapter to greater success. So, what do you get for your money? You get the opportunity to spend even more of your time and yes, a few more dollars, participating in the chapter’s activities. Think of your annual dues as kind of a… cover charge. It gets you in the door so that your voice can be heard to help guide this chapter forward. I realize most of you have no problem getting your voice heard.

Not all of our members are interested in all the activities that the chapter offers. To that end, we have lots of different events and activities that will hopefully appeal to as many of the diverse interests of our members as possible. It’s a cliche, but this chapter will only be what we make it. If there is something that you would like to see or do, speak-up. Say something about it. You will probably find out that there are a few others that would like that too.

So, come to a meeting, come to Charlie’s for breakfast on saturday mornings, come out to the IAM hanger and pull some rivets on the Cruiser. Just come out to say, “hi”. ¬†Now that you’ve donated your “cover charge” …..

Get out on the floor and dance!


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