August 19, 2018

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 461 Clow International Airport

Young Eagles, Then and Now

Our first Young Eagle Rally is in the history books. The skies were clear, the visibility was unlimited, and the winds were light (at least until about 11am). We had a good turnout of planes and pilots…Thank You. Also in attendance was a brand new participating pilot in the Young Eagle Program. The following is […]


Get Out on the Floor and Dance!

Hi again. This article will take a look at the opportunities we have for this year. Many of our chapter activities are the same year end and year out; Cavalcade, Young Eagles, AirVenture, to name a few. We always look forward to this activities and enjoy participating in them. The challenge, is to make each […]



Happy New Year to everybody and their families as we start 2017. The end of one year and the beginning of another is always a good time for reflection. Many believe it to be a time of rebirth…a fresh start. Granted, it’s hard to think of a fresh start when all the Christmas bills come […]


A Beautiful Day

Like just about every morning, the morning of Dec 7th, 1941 began as a beautiful sunny day on the island of Oahu. But the peace and tranquility of the islands was forever changed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This date marks the 75th anniversary of that attack and the entrance of the United […]


Social Media

Hi, did you know that the Chapter has a twitter account? We also have a YouTube Channel. While we haven’t used either lately, we will attempt to bring more relavent content to both. So, for all you twitter and youtubers out there:   And for the YouTube Channel: Sign-up for twitter and youtube […]


Welcome to Our New Blog

Hi and welcome to our new blog. Yes, just what the internet needs, someone else who thinks that what they have to say will benefit all mankind…well, in this case, aviankind. From time to time I will post topics that I think will be of interest to the rest of the chapter as well as […]



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